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What is a slot?

Slot machines are sometimes reffered to as a one armed bandit. This is simply due to the fact that the machine once had an arm on the side of it and they often left the player with empty pockets. In Britain however they are known as a fruit machines and Australia has named their's a poker machine. For this article we will keep with the modern name of a slot machine. A slot machine can be found in most casino's around the world. They are simply a set of three or more reels that when you push a button spin.

To become a winner you simply have to have the machine stop on winning patterns of symbols. With technology constantly changing many different machines are being produced. The casinos income mainly comes from slot machines. If you like your figures then its 70% of the casinos income to be exact. An even more suprising figure is that 30% of the profits is from gamblers with an addiction.

Charles Fey made the first slot machine in 1895 and in 1907 he joined the Mills Novelty Company in order to manufacture the Mills Novelty Bell slot machine. The slot machine created looked like a classic Liberty Bell machine and had a cast iron case in the front. When it was originally made this machine had toes on the cast iron feet, however on the models that followed toes were replaced by ornate scrolled feet. These slot machines had white reel strips where the playing cards such as jack, queen and king were shown and a bell that rang each time one hits the winning combination. This bell was also removed on the models that came after, but still the original idea of how a slot machine should look like was not lost since today’s slot machines have a bell that rings when one hits the jackpot.