Slot glossary

Bonus:It is a specialized condition in a particular theme of the game. Whenevercertain symbols emerge in a combination that wins the player many points, thisspecial condition of a bonus is reached. When a player gets a bonus, he will bepresented with the option of choosing a few from the several items that appearon the screen. According to which items the player has chosen, certain creditspoints are shown and awarded. A few bonuses use mechanicaldevices like spinning wheel, which works in a particular combination withthe bonuses, so that the winning amount is displayed.

Candle:It is a kind of light which is situated at the topmost portion of amachine of slot. When it flashes, the operator is alerted. Its flashing mightrefer to a number of occasions, like a situation when changes are required, orit might be a request for hand pay, or it might also indicate a possibility ofa problem in machine.

Carousel:This is a term used to refer to slot-machines assortment, commonlyeither in a circular fashion or an oval order.

Coinhopper: It is a kind of container holding only those coins which are readilyavailable for payout. When a player presses the “Cash Out” button, this hopper,which is a form of mechanical apparatus, rotates the coins in the tray of coins(known as coin tray) for the player to collect credits/coins. Excess coins aredropped into the “drop bucket” or “drop box”, as a coin diverter transmits inan automatic way, when a particular coin capacity, that had been setpreviously, is reached.

Creditmeter: It is a LED screen with a visual display of money-amount or the machine-credits.

Drop box, or dropbucket: It’s a type of container situated at the base of the slot machine. The coinswhich are in excess are sidetracked into it from the coin hopper. Drop-bucketis usually employed where the slot machine is of low denomination, while it isdrop-box which is preferred in cases of slot machines with high denominations.A lid which is hinged and is provided with the facility of one lock or more isattached to the drop box, but no such lid is found in the drop bucket. Thefillings of the drop-buckets and even those of the drop-boxes are gathered on aregular basis. The casino then keeps a count of it.

EGM: is theabbreviation used for a particular term. E stands for “Electronic”, G standsfor “Gaming”, and M stands for “Machine”.

Hand-pay:This term is used to indicate a payout that has been done by an attendant ofslot-machine or cage, and not by the machine. The highest amount is alwayspre-fixed by slot machine operator at that level from which he would be deductingtaxes. If the payout exceeds this amount, the situation of hand-pay occurs.Also in cases where the payment of the slot machine falls short, a hand pay isthe only solution.

Hopper-slip(Hopperfill Slip): A document intended to record coin replenishments of in coin hopperonce it becomes ineffective because of player payouts. The slipindicates total number of coin located in the hoppers, the employees’signatures that have been used in transaction, slot machine no., location and date.

M.E.A.L-book: It stands for machine(M) entry(E)authorization(A) log(L). It is a register that monitors the entries that theemployees make in to the slot machine.

LowLevels Slot Machines , or Slant Top Machines of Slot: A stool is provided withthese kind of slot machines, so that one may sit while playing. In case ofStand Up Slot Machines or the Upright ones, one has to stand while playing.

Optimalplay: This term refers to a particular percentage of the payback, and it isdecided on the basis of the best possible line of attack used by a gambler in agame of slot based on skill. 

Payline: It is a line which is straight orzigzag in alignment. It passes through one particular symbol on every reel, andbased on this pattern the combination for winning is assessed.  Normally there are up to nine paylines in theclassic reel machines which operate on spin spinning, whereas the number ofsuch paylines in slot machines with video may well over be one hundred.

Reel: Itis that part of the slot machine which has a cylindrical core and the walls onits side are used to maintain the material coiled around the core.

Rollup:This is a special feature of certain slot machines. Through this procedure awin is dramatized playing different kinds of sounds, and the winning amount iscounted by the meter.

Shortpay: On certain occasions coin-hopper gets depleted owing to previous payoutsmade to players, and fails to make the full payment to a player who has playedlater and won. This partial payout by the slot machine is known as short pay.In such cases, residual amount owed to player is sometimes paid as handpay, orwe have the attendant refilling the machine.

Tilt: This termrefers to any kind of mechanical failure in the slot machine, such as a faultystate of the door switch, or a failure in the reel motor, or such otherbreakdowns. Though the modern slot machines no more possess tilt switches liketheir older mechanical counterparts, the term tilt is still in use.

Theoretical(T)-Hold(H)-Worksheet(W)i.e. THW: The manufacturers of all kinds of slot machines provide a documentwhich theoretically signifies the percentage that should be held by the machineof slot estimated on the basis of sufficient coin-in levels. This document iscalled the Theoretical-Hold-Worksheet. Other specific information relevant tothe particularities of a slot machine, like the settings of reel strip, theamount of coins to be played, schedule of payout and the reel numbers, are alsomentioned in this document.

Weightcount: (American term) It refers to dollar equivalent of token and coins takenout of the slot machines drop bucket (boxes) and then counted by casino's hard teamby using the weigh scale.