Slot payout percentage

While slot machines have terrible odds compared to traditional table games, they also have the highest payouts; which probably explains their popularity.Experienced gamblers are familiar with two terms relative to slot machines: “Loose”, and “Tight.”A loose machine is a machine that is set to have frequent, smaller payouts.This means that a player will win often- typically every three or four spins, but that the payout will be relatively small- sometimes not even equivalent to the amount the player has just deposited.A tight machine is one that has infrequent payouts, but large prizes when it does payout.A machine being loose or tight has no bearing on the return rate overall- this is a constant that is set and regulated by gambling regulation authorities, the manufacturer, and casinos.Casinos cannot, nor would they be in the practice of, loosening or tightening their slots.And while there is no real way to tell whether a slot is loose or tight, has a high or low return, frequency, or payout, you can make some basic determinations based on the payout table (if a particular machine has one).If you see a lot of small payouts, then the machine is probably set “loose.”Infrequent, larger payouts possibly mean the machine is “tight”.Play accordingly.

What is the payout percentage of a slot machine?

Off all the money that is played by the gambler its usually 80-90% thatis payed back out. Dependant on your jurisdiction establishes whatpercentage you would get. An example of this would be in NJ you wouldget a 78% payout but Nevada has a minimum of 75%. To be sure the casinoretains a certain percentage of the money played they carefully selectthe winning patterns, the amounts for winning and the frequency theypayout. This means that slot machines still to this day remainprofitable.A typical example would be that if it simply cost $1 per spin and therewas one million spins then the machine would return $950,000 to theplayers and $50,000 would be kept by the casino. This example shows aslot machine payout percentage of 95%.

Who sets up the payout percentage?

As the slot machine leaves the production line its payout percentage is wrote into the software. This percentage can be changed once in thecasino. This is done by changing the software over. In somejurisdictions the software has a tamper evident seal and only withinthe shadow of a Gaming Control Board official may it be removed. Nevadafor example though actually audit their slot machines to ensure theycontain approved software.The Nevada Gaming Commission began working with casinos in Las Vegas in2006. They worked on a method that allowed the casino's manager tochange the slots machines game, odds and even the payout percentageremotely. The rules of the method stated that the machine must be idlefor 4 minutes before the change could take place. Once the change hadhappened a further 4 minutes must pass by before new players couldplay. The display on the slot machine must also tell potential playersthat a change is taking place.