Slot tips

  • Don’t Play Under Influence

    The traditional casinos offer free alcoholic drinks to people for a reason. People that are under influence of alcohol will be less concentrated while gambling. They can lose track of their expenses, meaning the amount they of money they gambled with, lose the track of time etc. etc. You would be able to enter a casino with the thought of spending $25 and stay there for 2 hours, drink a few cocktails and come out of the casino with an empty wallet while it’s dawning. And basically, this also goes for the people that prefer to play from the comfort of their homes. When you had a few glasses of wine or drank a few beers, are extremely tired or just received some bad news that made you depressive, don’t log on to an online casino. What you can do is play a few free games to get your thoughts on another subject, but it is wise to not involve money.

  • Play at Progressive Machines

    The Progressive slot machines offer large progressive jackpots. This means that a percentage of the total amount of money is available in a jackpot. To be able to win this progressive jackpot you should play with the maximum amount of credits on the slot machine.

  • Read the Payout Tables

    When playing free slots online, you will be able to find the payout table of the machine you’re about to play on in the same screen where you’ll see the reels. If you look at the payout table you will be able to see the frequency of the payout of particular combinations. If a combination has a small payout you will most likely see it appear more often than a combination that shows a high payout in the payout table. Depending on the player’s preference he can choose between a slot machine that has multiple smaller payouts with a higher frequency and other machines that have larger payouts with a lower frequency.

  • Slow Down

    Don’t rush it when you are playing slots. Enjoy the game; after all, you are paying for it. There is no need to rush things because you can only miss out on some opportunities in some cases, and playing faster will not get you more payouts.Some people prefer to play on multiple machines at the same time and don’t even look at the outcomes of the spinning reels. Usually this means that you’re increasing the casino’s income and the amount of fun you have while playing doesn’t. There will always be a house edge; playing very fast or on multiple machines will not help you beat the casino.

  • Responsible Playing

    One should not carry more money with him then he can afford to lose when he enters a casino. The same goes for playing at a slot machine at an online casino. Do not fund your online wallet with more money than you can miss. In fact, you would do good if you divide the amount of money you can use for playing slots, so you can enjoy to play multiple times and do not have to fund your account every time you want to play a bit on the slots.

  • Slot Candles

    You will see a lot of colors and lights on the slot machines. Some of the colors that are quite useful can be found on top of the slot machines. These colors are called candles and usually indicate the amount of money that has to be inserted to play. A blue light means that it’s a dollar slot machine, yellow stands for quarters and red for nickels.

  • Set Aside a Profit

    If you are playing and manage to enlarge your profit slowly or hit a jackpot it is wise to set aside your initial stakes together with a part of your profits. Play only with your profit and leave the amount you have set aside for what it is. You can play with that money some other time when you feel fresh and relaxed. Hitting a jackpot or spending hours to enlarge your profit and then handing it all back in to the casino will give you a really bad feeling.

  • Keep a Log

    If you manage to hit a big jackpot it will be reported to the IRS and you will have to pay taxes over the amount you won. If you keep a log with the losses you have made you can use these to offset your taxes.

  • Have Fun

    Slots usually have a larger rake then most of the other games you can find in the casinos. This applies more to traditional casinos then the online casinos but still, you should realize that in the long run, you will lose money on gambling. You can see the rake or house edge as the price you pay for entertainment, compare it with tickets to the movies if you like or any other form of paid amusement.

  • Don’t Buy Slot Systems

    There are some sites that offer systems that would be able to outplay various slot machines. They swear that they have figured out how to see which slot machine is hot and which isn’t. You will of course have to pay to obtain these systems and once you try them out, you will see that it is based on nothing.

  • Mind your Internet Connection

    For the gamblers that play from their home, through the internet, this advice might seem a little bit pointless. You probably have an internet connection that matches your needs and everything is running smoothly. Let’s say in example that there is an online slot tournament that you would love to attend. A storm is approaching however and you know that you’re internet can get in a bad condition, are you still willing to pay that $20 entrée fee knowing that you might not be able to fully play it?

  • Make Sure That Your Online Casino Is Valid

    It is highly rare to stumble upon an online casino that has rigged slot machines. The slots that can be found online have to go through similar procedures as the land based casinos to get the needed qualifications. This is the reason why the chance of coming across an online casino that uses rigged slots is minimal. You should keep in mind however, that it are usually the bigger online casinos that have a reputation to maintain and can be considered secure. There are also some online casinos that do not have rigged machines, but instead do not pay out any winnings or make you jump through a dozen hoops before you get your winnings funded on your bank account.