Slot tournaments

Tournaments are fun to play. Competing against other players adds to the excitement for those with a competitive nature. For some players winning the title is almost as important as winning the prize money. Some players prefer tournaments because they know ahead of time what their potential losses will be. Since tournaments have a set entry fee the participants know how much it will cost them to play. They can only lose the amount of their entry fee.

Slot tournaments are very popular these days because they easy to play. Slot tournaments do not require a lot of special skills, which levels the playing field and makes them inviting to all players. Like all slot machines you will need a little luck to make it to the top. Here is how they work.

Slot tournaments have a simple format. When you sign up for the tournament you will be assigned a slot machine number and a session time to play. When it is your time, you find the machine with your number and have a seat. Wait for the official to tell you to start. All Players are given a set amount of credits which must be played within a certain amount of time.

A common format is to give each player 1,000 credits with 20 minutes to play them. Each time you hit the spin button the amount of credits for a maximum bet (usually three credits) are deducted from your starting credits. Any credits you win are shown on a separate meter. You do not get to replay any credits that you win. When your time is up the machine will lock up and play is over. Any credits that you have not played will be lost. The score on your winning meter will be compared to those of the other players to determine the winner.

After you finnish playing you wait at your machine until the official comes by and records your score. They will usually have you initial the results to verify that your score was recorded correctly. After your score is recorded you will leave the machine. Most casinos only have a limited number of machines set aside for the tournament. Therefore there will usually be several sessions to accommodate all the players. Most of the times they will update the list showing the leaders after each round. This allows you to judge how you are doing compared to the other players.